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Online Training and Research

The Dental Defence Union

The Dental Defence Union provides a list of up-to-date resources relating to the latest COVID-19 measures that Dental professionals can take. They also offer specific advice in the context of routine appointments, regulation and dental students. Link.

Dental Protection

Dental Protection have offered specific advice to practitioners in the form of an FAQ-themed fact-sheet, aiming to cover a range of geographical regions. Specifically, enquiries and answers have been split into two groups: (1) membership and indemnity support, and (2) Dentolegal and clinical guidance. Link.

MDDUS – The Medical and Dental Defence Union of Scotland

MDDUS have created a Coronavirus Hub by collating a range of up-to-date news, advice and essential resources. The key questions they aim to address are Employment Law and Training for Returning Doctors. Link.