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Diabetes UK

Anyone with diabetes re info and questions. Link.

General learning. Link.

Self examination of feet. Link.

JDRF – Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation Ltd

Type 1 Diabetes specific. Link.

Diabetes on the net

Sick Day rules. Link.

ABCD – The Association of British Clinical Diabetologists

Education on Freestyle Libre. Link.

Information for hospitals. Link.


MyDESMOND has been designed to support diabetes self-management through digital means with modern lifestyles at the heart. Link.


Self-management for Type 1 Diabetes. Link.

BERTIE – Type 1 Diabetes Education Program

Online education for Type 1 Diabetes. Link.

T1 Resources UK

Managing worry in Type 1 diabetes. Link.

Self isolating when you have diabetes. Link.

The National Children and Young People’s Diabetes Network

Children. Link.

Emma Collins

DKA and hyponatraemia, including in context of COVID-19 infection . Link.