General Pharmacists

Online Training and Research

CPPE – Centre for Pharmacy Postgraduate Education

A resource hib provided by the Centre for Pharmacy Postgraduate Education. Link.


Information relating to the COVID-19 health app formulary from ORCHA. Link.

EMA – European Medicines Agency

Information on reporting for side-effects of medications used in the treatment of COVID-19 (from the EMA). Link.

RPS – Royal Pharmaceutical Society

Guidance from the Royal Pharmaceutical Society on contingency legislation to enable the supply of controlled drugs. Link.

A coronavirus resource hub from the ‘Royal Pharmaceutical Society’ with regularly updated guidance. Link.

An article by the ‘Royal Pharmaceutical Society’ on what is being done to improve safety during the pandemic. Link.

A short summary by the ‘Royal Pharmaceutical Society’ that outlines the steps they are taking to ensure better recognition for frontline pharmacists. Link.

SPS – Specialist Pharmacy Service

The Specialist Pharmacy Service has provided a summary of COVID-19 medicines guidance in cancer cases. Link.

e-Learning for Healthcare

An NHS coronavirus e-learning programme that is freely available to colleagues working in the NHS, independent sector and social care. Link.


A letter from NHS England published on 29/04/20 on the second phase of the NHS response to COVID-19. Link.

A letter from NHS England published on 01/05/20 on their request for primary care and community health services’ help in supporting care homes. Link.

A page on the NHS website that could be signposted to patients outlining what to expect from their pharmacy team. Link.

The University of Liverpool – Drug Interactions

The ‘Liverpool Drug Interactions’ team developed this freely available drug interactions resource to provide information on the likelihood of interactions between the experimental agents used for the treatment of COVID-19 and commonly prescribed co-medications. Link.

Public Health Agency

A set of posters distributed for display to pharmacies and GP surgeries throughout Northern Ireland to highlight the importance of good hand hygiene and social distancing in the current COVID-19 outbreak. Link.