Online Training and Research

Children’s Commissioner

The children’s commissioner created a children’s guide to coronavirus to help explain the situation to young children and allay their worries. Link.

Nursing Standard

An article stating that the RCN suggests children’s nurses must advise families on how to prevent household accidents due to an increased risk in lockdown. Link.

Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health

RCPCH has created guidelines for paediatric services including safeguarding, shielding and examination as well as signposted information for settings specific guidance (community, neonatal and acute). Link.

A resource from the RCPCH outlining isolation plans for parent-child combinations while the virology results are bing processed. Link.

RCPCH resource for parents and carers to aid explanation of the virus, advice to stay safe, medication and hospital advice, and other resources. Link.

Advice for parents during coronavirus with red, amber, and green signs and symptoms and what to do if they see their child experience them. Link.

The Academy of Fabulous Stuff

Links to free resources for parents and carers looking at explaining restricted visiting, wearing masks and staying at home. Link also provides free colouring in resources for children. Link.

My Guide Apps

Safeguarding in the NHS guide. Link.