Professional Bodies – Nurses

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Nursing and Midwifery Council

A short guide answering common questions associated with the Covid-19 outbreak in relation to the regulatory role of the Nursing & Midwifery Council. Addresses queries surrounding registration and return to practice as well as new emergency standards for education that enable students to both safely complete their training and help them utilise their skills appropriately in the crisis. Link.

Royal College of Nursing

Although the RCN has not developed its own specific clinical guidance relating to COVID-19, it provides numerous links to help members improve their understanding and enable management of the condition, with sections on Cancer, Mental Health, Pregnancy, Primary Care, Palliative Care and more. Link.

Royal College of Nursing guidance on redeployment for the entire health and social care workforce including students, pregnant women, and at risk groups. Link.

A link to a PDF provided by the RCN outlining how to escalate if there are any concerns about Personal Protective Equipment. Link.

Guidance from the RCN supporting Nurses in Medicine Management who have had to switch from face to face consultation to remote consultation. Link.

NHS England and NHS Improvement website

A link providing COVID-19 guidance for NHS clinicians in Primary Care, Secondary Care, Community Health and Social Care, Mental Health Trusts, and Ambulance Services. Looks at practical aspects such as prevention, control, assessment, workforce, and finance among others. Link.