Online Training and Research


A website for NHS workers to protect their wellbeing through the pandemic with advice on Mindfulness, Activity, Sleep and Nutrition. Link.

Headspace for the NHS

Headspace. Link.

Academy of Medical Royal Colleges

A page created by the Academy of Medical Royal Colleges which provides resources to improve mental health and wellbeing for healthcare professionals. Link.


‘Mindful’ is a page dedicated to guiding anyone who wants to explore mindfulness in order to improve their mental health. Link.

Ten Percent Happier

‘Ten Percent Happier’ – an app now available free for healthcare professionals that supports the wellbeing of workers through guided medications, talks and podcasts. Link.


A ‘KGA’ resource with sections assembled on addressing issues such as coping with grief, supporting the elderly, self care, and financial and legal support. Link.

Student Minds

Resources from ‘Student Minds’ about how to cope with coronavirus and the effect it is having on day to day life. These include looking after mental health, advice for those with ongoing mental health difficulties, tackling xenophobia and racism following the outbreak, and supporting friends and family. Link.

MDDUS – Medical & Dental Defence Union of Scotland

Wellbeing during the COVID-19 outbreak. Link.

Good Thinking UK

Digital mental wellbeing service. Free for Londoners to access and provides support to those who feel anxious, sleep deprived, stressed or sad. Updated with specific resources to support Londoners in response to coronavirus – including personal stories and links to other resources. Link.